Modern Art In The US: These Are The Top Places To See It Today

Over the years, the field of Modern Art has seen plenty of advancements in the United States of America. Across the east to the west coast, one can find many modern art museums, that celebrate modern art from professionals belonging to all over the world. Some of the best modern art museums are listed below.

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The San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art

This was the first ever modern art museum located on the West Coast and is well known for the diverse collection of modern artworks. Some of the popular modern artworks include the work by the renowned Diego Rivera and Henri Matisse. The infrastructure and the architecture of the museum are breathtaking along with some exquisite collection of modern artworks. and This museum, founded in the year 1935 became the best destination for people to witness the incredible works done by the various American modern artist.

The Whitney Museum Of American Art

This is a renowned museum that celebrates modern art in the United States of America. It is situated in New York City. The museum received several accolades from people all over the world. This museum is well known for its brilliant infrastructure and the excellent diverse art collections. The building itself is quite famous and renowned for its dimly lit and elevator styled structure. The stunning landscapes of the Hudson River ensure a scintillating view to this Whitney Museum. People visiting this modern art museum can find several giant fantastic photographies that include the Urs Fischer’s majestic wax structure of Julian Schnabel.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Located in New York, United States of America, this museum has some of the finest modern artwork collections. The artworks displayed at the museum range from the impressionist to the contemporary. This extensive range of modern artworks attracts passionate artists from all over the world along with the common people. The infrastructure of the building is highly appreciated, and the building was constructed by the greatest American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The unique design of the museum, with a wider top than the bottom with a ramp circling, is definitely an attractive feature. This unique design allows the people to sink more deeply into the modern artworks

MOMA Art Museum

The MOMA art museum at New York is known for the incredible number of modern artworks. From the year 1929, this art museum has developed enormously and has now become one of the world’s popular and significant modern art museums. The modern artworks collection has over 200,000 pieces of work that are of impeccable quality done by nearly more than 180,000 professional artists. Some of the modern artworks at the museum include Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. The MOMA art museum is well known for its commitment and dedication towards the modern artworks and the modern work artists. This is definitely a must visit place for people who love to witness several incredible modern artworks.

The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Chicago

This museum has a unique extensive set of permanent modern artworks. The exquisite modern artworks at the museum range have works from the post-war era including pop art, the minimalism, and surrealism. The best part of this museum in Chicago is that many more contemporary modern artworks are getting added to the ones already displayed. The design of the building is highly captivating with many glass walls that offer scintillating views of the city and the beautiful Lake Michigan. In addition to the brilliant modern artworks in the museum, the MCA also serves as a host to theatre and dance performances as well.

People who are passionate about artworks, in particular, the modern artworks and contemporary art should never miss the above mentioned modern art museums in the United States of America. You can also find the latest updates, exhibitions happening at the museums on their official website.

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