About Us

We define contemporary art as art that has been, and that continues to exist during our lifetime

Even though that sounds simple, it is not the case because artistic definition lives everywhere. Therefore, we can say that contemporary art lived all the time, even during the past. Now as recipients of art, we can say that things that are around us represent the artistic perspective of a modern man.

That is the reason individuals from Wolk Gallery decided to gather all the relevant data about exhibitions and events of art today. Most people don’t know where to look when it comes to displays and Museums are not spending too much money on advertisements. So, it is a problem for people to find out about the art world that surrounds us. We decided to create a private website that will promote contemporary arts in the United States. As we have mentioned above, you will be able to find all the relevant events and exhibitions.

Our Heritage

We can talk to you all about our heritage, but at the end, you must get out of your house and head to a Museum to visit and see what is in front of you. We celebrate the art of our time. We are not disgusted with it, and we will try to improve it by creating meaningful engagement with the most relevant part of today.

Through different perspectives that you may find in events, exhibitions, and educational activities, we want to inform and engage you in challenging yourself and your perceptions. We are here to help you discover your laboratory for experimentation. We want to be your gathering place where you can find out more about the visual and contemporary culture that will represent the future.

Our Belief

We believe that art is everywhere. You just have to think in four dimensions. When we get out from the house, we see monuments, historical landmarks; those are a signature from respectable artists who created something that will stand the test of time. In today’s world, people are getting away from the artistic way of life because people teach them to think about it as a second-grade work.

However, you probably wonder why art is relevant and keeps us safe from ourselves! Even when you listen to music, it is a form of contemporary art so don’t disable it just because you don’t know how to sketch, write or sing. Enjoy it as we do!


Our vision is to inspire curiosity and enrich your lives with creativity and learning through the experiences of other people. We want to show you everything that happens in your country, state and county so that you can find a reason to get away from your responsibilities and dive into the world of art.

When you see yourself in the mirror, it is a reflection. In the same way, art reflects around us and presents us the world as it should be. Therefore, you can learn how to connect with all the social and political issues through contemporary art that will provide you all the relevant excuses on how to live your life firmly and without any additional problem.

We want to embrace your change and celebrate experimentation and creativity that you can provide us. It doesn’t matter where you are from and ethnicity & gender is not in question here. It is just a way to express yourself. Therefore, we want to present artistic solutions to your world so that you can understand how to survive in this world filled with opposite emotions.

The Future

At the very end, we have to mention that our goal is to expand the borders of contemporary art so that even children can understand how to reflect themselves in the ocean of creativity. It is very ambitious, and we have to start from something, which is the main reason why we decided to create this particular website.

It is a legacy that we want to occupy and present you in all its forms. We know that life is short, but it is way quicker if you don’t have an art form next to you to help you cope with reality.