2018 Calendar Of Art Exhibitions And Festivals In The USA

Art has undergone many revivals and changes in postmodern USA. This makes the country a hotspot for modern art and culture.

With multiple design formats, the art fests also enable new artists to display their talent in front of millions of art lovers.

For this purpose, various art exhibitions and festivals take place all year round to highlight notable achievements and bring out new talent. Here are a few art fests taking place in the States this year which you cannot simply miss.

28th Annual African Festival Of The Arts

African Festival Of The Arts

This fest celebrates the black culture reflecting the unity in the States. A big shout out to equality, the fest will take place in the first week of this September. It will feature many artists from African American music genres like WizKid and Heatwave. It also honors artists, film directors, spiritualists from the black community.

The programs and artworks will help in retaining their links to the African continent itself as well as the blend of culture between American and African communities. It is a perfect event to promote love and harmony instead of racism in the current politically turbulent nature of the country.


Deep Lush - Making Chemistry In Porn
Deep Lush – Making Chemistry In Porn

Raising the social awareness about intimacy in porn industry! Deep Lush is first production ever showcasing how intimate and lustful can a sex scene be. Given its adult nature, the project is still very graphic but the levels of chemistry between performers are very high here. Watch the most famous actresses having genuine fun while doing their work!

Sausalito Arts Festival

Sausalito Arts Festival

Every Labor Day Weekend, the city of Sausalito in California awakens to a joyous art filled time. It is one of the most renowned art events in the US where both expert and amateur artists showcase their paintings and sculpture. And this is often judged by a highly acclaimed jury, and the cash prizes are amazingly big too.

The applications for volunteering and submitting art at Sausalito are still open. The current edition is being highlighted as ‘America’s Premiere Waterfront Fine Art Festival’.

Edmond Arts Fest

Edmond Arts Fest

It boasts of one of the greatest art gallery exhibitions in the US honouring artists and vendors from across the country. The festival attracts artists and art addicts from all over the country and even Canada. It used to be a small country fair for recognizing local art but has now become a trending event for artistic exhibits.

Apart from full time and amateur artists, the Edmond Arts Festival also honours school level artists. There is a separate section for student art in partnership with Edmonds School District. If this is not enough to satisfy your thirst for culture, there are programs for musicians, instrumentalists, dancers and theatre performers.

To put it in a nutshell, the EAF gives a fair chance for recognition of all kinds of creative arts.

Scottsdale Arts Festival

Scottsdale Arts Festival

Located in Arizona, Scottsdale is a classic site for art lovers from the country mainly because of this festival. It has been a Mecca for American artist since 1970, and the Festival showcases about 200 artists from all across Canada and United States of America who work in various domains and formats like ceramics, photography, painting, jewellery, sculpture and many others.

The current edition is bound to take place at Scottsdale from Friday, March 9 to Sunday, March 11. So, celebrate art with these events!

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