Why You Need To Visit The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Australia


It is difficult to understand why you should visit any museum if you are not interested in art. By default, we are raised to believe that artistic way of life is not worthy. However, as you can see all around you, nothing would be there if there were no creative minds to accomplish it. That is the main reason why we want to show you Why You Need to Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia:

The Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia – History

Museum of Contemporary Art in Australia

If you pass Sydney Harbor, you will find the most spectacular museum that started its life in November 1991.

It was established at the request of an expatriate artist John Power who left all his fortune to the University of Sydney to educate and inform Australians about contemporary visual art. Therefore, MCA dedicates their existence to collecting, exhibiting and interpreting modern art.

The vision of founding Director Leon Paroissien was manifested from the early days – the commitment to programming that will change the world of exhibition and contemporary art from Australia and promote its art across the globe.

You can check these exhibits that will change your perspective on contemporary art and its form.

Primavera 2017
23 August – 19 November 2017

This is an excellent exhibition that brought together young Australian Artists through their artwork of human-made archives and fundamental ideas from digital to physical.

Primavera 2017: Young Australian Artists : Installation View

This is the 26th edition of Primavera, and that is why a curator Sophia Kouyoumdjian will show artists how to participate and explore the theme of Ancient Futures. Each work represents the relationship between the past and present about collection and archives.

You can see a wide range of disciplines such as installation, photography, painting, collage, and video.

Primavera is an annual exhibition of young Australian artists who are 35 years and under. It started in 1992, and since then, it has shown numerous artists who later became prominent figures in the world of art

Hilarie Mais

23 August – 19 November 2017

Hilarie Mais was born in the United Kingdom, and today, she lives and works in Sydney. We can characterize her work as expressive possibilities made by deep interest. She made general construction and painting that were part of the formal structure that had to interact with organic forms of nature.

Works of Hilarie Mais

Her work brings together biological structures with formal geometry so that she can generate a visual experience that is highly personalized through the application of paint. Such formality of her work is filled with emotional truth that we point as intimate sensibility in combination with our organic selves. Through those handmade products, she wants to personalize feminized abstraction.


There are lots of reasons why you should visit The Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia; we have presented you some. We must state that words cannot explain the experience that you will have when you first see the ideal construction.

The only way we can perceive visual arts is through sight so that could be the right reason for you to show yourself there.

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