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Please click on an artist's name to view more information, including their biography, works and corresponding pricing. To learn more or acquire a specific piece, please email our gallery director or call (707) 963-8800.

T Barny
John Battenberg
Suzanne Biaggi
Paul Bloch
Dee Briggs
Constance Chabrières
Jack Chandler
Kevin C. Christison
Dan Corbin
Llisa Demetrios
Albert Dicruttalo
Dan Dykes
Lucia Eames
Boback Emad
Gail Folwell
William Fortington
Matt Gil
Charles Ginnever
Ed Haddaway
D.L. Hamilton
Archie Held
Robert Holmes
Damon Hyldreth
Steve Jensen
Robert Kantor
Karen Kargianis
Lori Kay
Gregory Kloehn
Marilyn Kuksht
Robert Kvenild
Terrie Kvenild
Greg Lauren
James Lloyd
Sharon Loper
Bruce Newell
Moto Ohtake
Thomas Ostenberg
Giuseppe Palumbo
Alan Peirson
Troy Pillow
Bret Price
Michele Pred
Lizabeth Rossof
Welton Rotz
Jonathan Russell
Mark Stasz
Dave Tanych
Tyrome Tripoli
Copper Tritscheller
William Wareham
Peter Woytuk
Paula Zima