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Admire or purchase internationally renowned furnishings and designs at our sister gallery - Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley. Ma(i)sonry currently features currently features internationally renowned furnishings and designs from Ron Mann, Alexandra von Furstenberg, Hudson Furniture, and Citizen: Citizen, to name a few. Additionally, Ma(i)sonry offers vintage pieces by Eames, Louis Vuitton and Bertoia among other distinguished design collections. Rotating artist exhibitions and furnishings will evolve throughout the year. Guests are welcome to peruse the design and art collections seven days a week. To acquire or privately view art, design, and furnishings at Ma(i)sonry, please contact mail@maisonry.com.

View and acquire Ma(i)sonry's designs and furnishings on 1stdibs.com.

Artist Collective Partners

Alexandra von Furstenberg - Los Angeles, California

"My vision is an alliance between luxury, art, fashion, trend and movement."

In addition to her career in fashion, Alexandra von Furstenberg interests lie in interior design. Alexandra's 2008 collection of uber-contemporary and highly innovative limited-edition Lucite tables in fluorescent colors are available only at her Melrose Avenue gallery and Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley.

Accolades: Creative Director and Director of Image for Diane von Furstenberg, an iconic fashion powerhouse.

Articles: Read more on AvF

Citizen: Citizen - San Francisco, California

"Citizen: Citizen fosters new ways of seeing and a deeper understanding of the world around us."

Citizen: Citizen's collection of objects challenges established notions of beauty and design. The collection is carefully selected from leading creatives in the art and design worlds to highlight the arbitrary nature of the boundaries between art and design. Custom designed pieces and limited editions will be featured at Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley.

Hudson Furniture Inc. - New York, New York

"We put high regard and value on these trees by turning them into pieces of enduring art instead of leaving them out to decay."

Hudson Furniture Inc. respects the natural forms of trees and inherent grain of wood with well defined organic lines and geometric forms using traditional joinery techniques and hand rubbed oil finishes. Wood slabs are domestically sourced from either salvaged trees or wind/storm damaged trees. Hudson Furniture Inc. also specializes in fine, hand crafted lighting.

Accolades: New York's only repository for legally harvested petrified wood.

LINLEY - London

David Linley founded his company David Linley & Co in 1985. It has now become known simply as LINLEY. LINLEY prides itself on its dedication to the pursuit of excellence in the design and creation of fine furniture and interiors. The individual sense of taste and style of the founder and Chairman, David Linley, is prevalent in all that he does. Through David's own training as a cabinet-maker in the traditional vein, the company draws on centuries of excellence in the British tradition of cabinet-making, and to this applies a modern interpretation creating contemporary items that have their own distinct identity and freshness.

Accolades: Featured in Vanity Fair, House & Garden, The English Home, among others.

Ron Mann - Sonoma, California

"I get help from the greatest designer: Mother Nature."

Ron Mann's work encompasses commercial and residential projects, with a focus on designing from the ground up. Ron prefers to custom design and build all interior and exterior elements of a property with an eye to integrating the structures with the terrain. He utilizes environmentally sustainable building practices, including recycled woods, locally harvested stone and natural materials in both construction and furnishing.

Accolades: Architectural Digest Top 100

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